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  • DYMIND DF50 Auto Hematology Analyzer

    0 out of 5

    Call us for order by Phone: +880 1988 121212

    Product Type: Auto Hematology Analyzer
    Brand DYMIND
    Model DF50
    Country of Origin China
    Warrenty 01 Year
    Weight NA



    ৳ 800,000
  • -14%
    Semi-auto Hormone Analyzer EMR-600

    Semi-auto Hormone Analyzer EMR-600

    5.00 out of 5

    Call us for order by Phone: +880 1988 121212

    Product Type: Semi-auto Hormone  Analyzer
    Brand LABOMED
    Model EMR-600
    Country of Origin USA
    Warrenty 02 Year
    Weight NA



    Measurement System: 8 channels, 96 well plate
    Analysis Mode: Cut-off, single and multi-standard, O.D. bichromatic, dynamic reading, etc.
    Reading Speed: 6 seconds (fast kinetic measurements)
    Linear Range: 0.001-3.500Abs
    Photometric Accuracy: ±1% or ±0.001A
    Repeatability: <1.0%
    Stability: <0.005Abs/hr
    Linearity: <±1.0%
    Sensitivity: <±0.001A
    Channels Discrepancy: <±0.002A
    Optical filters: 405/450/492/630nm
    Reading: Automatic focusing function makes the results more precise
    Tray Shaking : Yes
    Storage: 100 programs
    Display: Touch screen
    Interface: RS-232 and USB port
    Printer: Built-in thermal printer (External printers are available on request)
    Power Supply : AC 220V 50Hz or 110V 60 Hz
    Dimensions: 46cm*33cm*18cm
    Weight: 7.5kg
    ৳ 350,000 ৳ 300,000


    0 out of 5

    Call us for details about this product: 01988121212

    Brand: DIGISyatem
    Model : DSI-D / DSI-DF SERIES
    Origin: Taiwan

    Lab. Incubators are general purpose laboratory incubators which are ideal for cultures, eggs, microbiology, and other biology in hospitals, industries, and laboratories.PID Temperature Control provides automated compensation after load difference, setting changes or door opening for excellent accuracy. Natural convection heat distribution combines with the adjustable air vents to provide excellent regularity. Double wall construction, fiberglass insulation give on 5 sides as well as between inner and outer walls, and silicon rubber door sealing reduces heat loss and power drain. Stainless steel interior chamber and shelves are corrosion resistant, durable and easy to clean. Powder coating exterior is pretty, durable, and corrosion resistant.

    ৳ 35,000
  • ICUBIO Auto Chemistry Analyzer iMagic M7

    ICUBIO Auto Chemistry Analyzer iMagic M7

    0 out of 5

    Call us for more details: +880 1988 121212

    Product Type: Full Auto Chemistry Analyzer
    Brand ICUBIO
    Model iMagic M7
    Country of Origin China
    Warrenty 01 Year
    Weight NA



    ৳ 850,000

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Nebulaizer Compressor

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A word in English is common – “Health is wealth” means health. Compared to earlier times, people of this age are much more health conscious. Not only in technology or style, taking care of yourself in this busy mechanical life cannot be forgotten at all. By taking care of your needs to take good care of yourself, the online shopping website has come with all the “health care products” at your fingertips. The largest collection of online healthcare products in Bangladesh is available in the most attractive offers and at affordable prices in Medistore BD.

We are MedistoreBD. Medistore BD is First medical product E-commerce website in Bangladesh. We are providing to you all kind of Healthcare, Baby Care, Medical, Surgical, Diagnostic, First Aid and beauty care product. World all famous Brand Medical Item in here. This Online store is provided to you Medical Product like- Branded Nebulizer compressor, Glucose monitor, Digital Blood Presser Monitor, Digital Weight Scale, Mechanical weight scale, Digital thermometer, First aid box etc. And offer to you a different type of Diagnostic product like- Auto Biochemistry Analyzer, Semi-auto Biochemistry analyzer, Hormone Analyzer, Elisa Plate Reader, Elisa plate washer, Electrolyte Analyzer, Auto ESR Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer, Digital ECG Machine etc. Medistore BD provide complete healthcare product soliuation in Bangladesh. 

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