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সজিনা পাতার পুষ্টিগুন একবার পড়ে দেখুন!!

সজিনা আমাদের দেশে একটি বহুল পরিচিত বৃক্ষ, যার কাঁচা লম্বা ফল সবজি হিসেবে খাওয়া হয় সজিনা পাতা শাকের মতো রান্না করে আহারের সময় অল্প পরিমাণে খেলে বল বৃদ্ধি পায় ও ক্ষুধাবাড়ে। সামান্য [...]

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এই শীতকালে শরীরের যত্নে প্রয়োজন বাড়তি সতর্কতা!

হেমন্তের [...]

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নিজেকে সুন্দর রাখতে চান? জেনে নিন সহজ উপায়!!

মানুষ [...]

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গরুর মাংস!! জেনে নিন এর সুফল ও কুফল।

গরুর [...]

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About Medistore BD

A word in English is common – “Health is wealth” means health. Compared to earlier times, people of this age are much more health conscious. Not only in technology or style, taking care of yourself in this busy mechanical life cannot be forgotten at all. By taking care of your needs to take good care of yourself, the online shopping website has come with all the “health care products” at your fingertips. The largest collection of online healthcare products in Bangladesh is available in the most attractive offers and at affordable prices in Medistore BD.

We are MedistoreBD. Medistore BD is First medical product E-commerce website in Bangladesh. We are providing to you all kind of Healthcare, Baby Care, Medical, Surgical, Diagnostic, First Aid and beauty care product. World all famous Brand Medical Item in here. This Online store is provided to you Medical Product like- Branded Nebulizer compressor, Glucose monitor, Digital Blood Presser Monitor, Digital Weight Scale, Mechanical weight scale, Digital thermometer, First aid box etc. And offer to you a different type of Diagnostic product like- Auto Biochemistry Analyzer, Semi-auto Biochemistry analyzer, Hormone Analyzer, Elisa Plate Reader, Elisa plate washer, Electrolyte Analyzer, Auto ESR Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer, Digital ECG Machine etc. Medistore BD provide complete healthcare product soliuation in Bangladesh. 

A separated product category is named as “Health Care Product” in Medistore. Here you will get all healthcare products in just one click! If you are a little unknowable, many times children get hurt, cut or used to cook a lot of time, or a cold lash can cause a cough or fever, at the moment of the crisis, you need first aid treatment or first aid kit. , Which you can buy online easily from Medistore BD. You will also find in the “Beauty Care Product” category at Medistore BD – Oral and Dental Care Products, Slimming Products, Fitness Machines, Diabetics and Blood Pressure Machines, Diet and Body Building Supplements, Herbal Products, Skin Care, Massage and Therapy Machines, Hair Care, wet machine, hearing aid, anti-snoring clips, pain reliever, ear cleaner / autoscope, e-cigarette, first aid Dr. kit, thermometer, hot water bag, walking stick, stethoscopes, nebulizer, sanitary napkins, Maternity Care, a special bed / chair, much more, including Fidget spinner. Some of the best-selling healthcare products in Bangladesh – fitness machines, diabetics and blood pressure machines, tooth whitening kits, slimming belts, slimming vests, e-cigarettes etc. There are also foreign-reputed healthcare brand products in Medistore BD. The most popular among these are- Nutrigain Plus, TUMMY TUCK, Step up, HIMALAYA, NUTRISLIM, Body Builder, Copper Fit, Organic India, Omron, Accu-Check, Slim N Lift, Sweat Slim, Hot Shapers, Vibro, The Body Shop etc. .

Medistore gives you the most attractive offers and the most affordable healthcare products or healthcare products. What you can get in the house via home delivery, only one click! So buy it online at home with confidence, all the products you need are from the online shopping ‍site in Bangladesh.

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