Onion can Helps your Hair Growth

Onion can Helps your Hair Growth

Many people face the matter of hair loss. tho’ losing 50-100 hairs per day is considered as traditional, losing hair cause concern and mental stress in individuals. Moreover, acute hair loss will have an effect on the looks of someone and affects their confidence levels. There square measure several natural remedies that are capable of causation proper hair growth and therefore the most significant and effective among them is Onion juice.

Safe And Natural Method

It is fully safe to use onion for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth as onion helps in hair growth with none side effects or inflicting allergies. there’s no have to be compelled to use harsh chemicals on your hair once you have a simply offered, low cost and safe technique for promoting hair growth. you’ll use onion as a natural remedy if you’ve got receding hairline or bald patches. you will not be ready to get a constant result once you elect hair loss treatment from expensive hair spas.

Can Onion help In Hair Growth?

Most of the people are skeptical concerning the utilization of onion for hair growth. Most of you may be thinking will onion help in hair growth? The scientific studies on natural remedies for hair loss has well-tried that applying onion juice and intense onions is useful in dominant hair loss and alternative issues associated with hair like dandruff, fungal infections and yeast infections. it’s been found that onion juice is additionally effective in preventing premature graying of hair.

Onion to Grow Hair Faster

To achieve hair growth with the help of onion juice you would like to extract the juice of the onions and apply it on the scalp totally. Though the juice contains a pungent smell, the remedy is very effective in achieving the results you would like. You need to stay the juice on the scalp for a minimum of a half-hour. Able to keep it for extended if you may be able to bear the smell of the juice. Rinse the juice victimization water and delicate shampoo. You may need to repeat this remedy a minimum of thrice every week for a minimum of 2 months to check the results. this is often a natural remedy and it’ll take a while to allow the expected result.

Make Onion Juice For Hair Growth

It is very simple and easy to create the onion juice for hair growth. You’ll use a kitchen appliance or blender, grater or a juicer to extract the juice. Peel the desired range of onions consistent with the length of your hair and cut them into items. You’ll place them in blender or juicer and run it to induce the required quantity of juice. To extract the juice using the grater, cut the onion into halves and grate every 0.5, squeeze out the juices from grated onion using your hand.

Simple ways Of using Onion for Hair Growth

1. Onion Juice-Honey Mixture

You can use this remedy in 2 alternative ways. you can combine ¼ cup of onion juice with one honey tablespoon of honey and you’ll be able to consume it orally daily otherwise you can apply the mix on the scalp and massage it for 15 minutes daily to visualize the distinction.

2. Concoction Of Onion Juice And Rum

If you discover the smell of onions intolerable you can use this technique to stop the loss of hair and to boost the growth of hair. Finely chop one medium sized onion and soak this in a glass of rum nightlong. Next day, strain the mixture to get rid of the onion items. Use the concoction to massage the scalp or use it as a hair rinse once washing the hair.

3. Add Onion In Your Recipes

You can include onions in regular recipes and in salads to induce the advantages of using onion. This may not act as quick as applying the juice to the hair.

4. Onion Juice Hair Rinse

This is another technique of using onions for hair growth while not obtaining tears and irritation to eyes. Add 4-5 sliced onion to at least one liter of water and boil it for concerning ten minutes. Enable the mixture to cool down and strain the mixture. Use the onion boiled water to rinse your hair once shampooing. If you’re not bothered with the smell you would like not wash the hair with water that day. You’ll be able to clean your hair using water and mild shampoo next day.

Hair is part of the personality of someone. If you’re upset concerning your excessive hair loss, you’ll be able to try the higher than remedy. Choose a technique convenient to you and persist with it for a minimum of 2 months. Your hair can 1st attain a good sheen and slowly you may see your hair turning into stronger and thicker. To spice up your hair growth, you can conjointly massage your hair and scalp with a combination of olive oil, coconut oil, and oil once in a week. you’ll be able to achieve higher results if you allow the oil night long on your hair. Forever eat a healthy diet to stop hair loss and to push the re-growth of the hair.


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