• DEWYTREE 97% Bamboo Soothing Gels 250ml

    Manufacturer : DEWYTREE.
    Country of origin : Republic of Korea.
    Capacity : 250ml
    Main ingredient
    Bamboo extract 97%, Aloevera.
    Product description
    Refresh moisture gel contains 97% bamboo extract.
    Sooth sensitive skin with Damyang Korean bamboo 97% giving cool and fresh water.
    Mixed Aloevera and moist bamboo at the golden ratio.
    Mild soothing gel extracted from young bamboo giving moisture and nutrient ingredient.
    Cool burned skin, cares fresh skin without stickiness.
    ৳ 450৳ 600
  • NTFS Beauty Facial Steamer -Thermal Spa Nano Aromatherapy Steam Machine Sprayer


    Pore cleaning, Deep Hydration
    Control: 0/1/2 Settings
    Improving face blood circulation
    Use for the warm steam facial sauna.
    For pore cleansing, deep hydration, and purification of the face.
    Dredge pores, Removes grease, and deeply cleanse the skin.
    Promotes the face blood circulation, Rejuvenates.
    Replenishes water, maintains the water balance of the skin, increases skin elasticity.
    Provides relief from cold and sinus problems.
    Can use with incense or essential oils to enjoy an aromatherapy sauna at home.
    Helps to eliminate fatigue, eliminate the pouch and black rim of the eye.

    1. Steam Time 15-20 minutes.
    2. On / off switch.
    3. Three-Gear Control.
    4. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly saves more than 40% energy.
    5. Precise temperature control

    Add the spices and essential oils to the steamer, then you can enjoy an aromatherapy sauna at home.

    ৳ 1,100৳ 1,600

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