• Accumax Variable Micropipette


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    For years, to gether Accumax PRO has been the fastest selling and a very well accepted pipette in Fine Care Biosystems’ product range. Its especially high accuracy and precision, healthy quality, and excellent ergonomic design have made it the first choice of the pipette in many laboratories in more than 100 countries across the world.

    Brand    : Accumax
    Model   : Accumax PRO
    Origin  : UK

    ৳ 5,500৳ 6,000

    Accumax Variable Micropipette

    ৳ 5,500৳ 6,000
  • BIOHIT Variable Micro Pipette


    BIOHIT Proline Manual Variable Volume Pipette

    • For a variety of different types of routine laboratory design
    • Light and basic characteristics of the same design range of proline and pipettes
    • In the pipetting process to give users the best comfort and performance.

    The fixed range pipette display is white, which distinguishes itself from the adjustable capacity Proline pipettes.


    ৳ 5,500৳ 6,500

    BIOHIT Variable Micro Pipette

    ৳ 5,500৳ 6,500
  • Dragon Variable Micropipettes


    Dragon Introduced Full Autoclavable Pipette

    Dragon has launched its newly third-generation Pipette – MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Pipette, which realizes fully disinfection and withstands 121 ℃ high temperature and pressure steam for 20 minutes. MicroPette Plus with the wide range from 0.1ul to 5000ul. DragonLab provides high quality and cost-effective pipette series.

    Brand: Dragon
    Origin: China

    ৳ 1,800৳ 3,000

    Dragon Variable Micropipettes

    ৳ 1,800৳ 3,000
  • Impulse Variable Micropipette Volume Range: 100-1000 µl


    Impulse Micropipette is designed to meet the needs of daily pipetting the impulse micro pippette is your choice for general laboratory use. The durable construction exhibits excellent strength in a variety of challenging applications and environments.

    Volume Range: 10-100 µl & 100-1000 µl

    ৳ 1,500৳ 2,500

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