• Bionet BM5 Multi-parameter Patient Monitor

    Bionet BM5 Patient Monitor

    Brand Bionet
    Model BM 5
    Condition New
    Warranty 12 month(s)
    Origin Russia
    Category Patient Monitor
    Pulse Rate Range 0-300 bpm
    Display 10.4 inch
    Brand Bionet
    Frequency 50-60 Hz
    Resolution 800×600 Pixel
    Dimensions 270x250x184.5 mm
  • Portable Patient Monitor 12.1 Inch Color with 6 Standard Parameter

    • 12 inch high-resolution color screen
    • Exquisite design suitable to moving operation
    • Operation interface: Standard, Trend Screen, oxyCRG Screen, NIBP List, Big front Screen
    • Freeze instant waveform for real time S-T segment analysis, pace-maker detection
    • Storage for up to 400 groups of NIBP list, 60 alarm events records recall
    • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with 4hours working capacity
    • Capture dynamic wave forms
    • Patient info input management function
    ৳ 55,000৳ 65,000
  • Vital Sign Monitor – 8000A

    • 7-inch high-resolution color TET LCD display.
    • Smaller, thinner and lighter in design, convenient and portable for users.
    • Real-time S-T segment analysis, pacemaker detection.
    • Various interfaces: standard screen, trend screen, oxy CRG screen, NIBP list screen, big front screen.
    • 3-level audio/visual alarms.
    • Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and HF knife.
    • Up to 400 groups NIBP list, 6000seconds, ECG waveform recall, 60 alarm event records recall, 7-day trend chart in storage.
    • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 2-hour working capability.
    • Wireless central monitoring system applicable to ICU/CCU/OR
    ৳ 35,000৳ 40,000

    Vital Sign Monitor – 8000A

    ৳ 35,000৳ 40,000
  • Yonker YK-8000 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

    • 5 Standard parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SPO2,
    • 2-TEMP, PR/HR.
    • 12.1″high resolution color TFT LCD display
    • Real-time S-T segment analysis, pace-maker
    • Indication of Incorrect manipulation and
    • malfunction analysis
    • Patient info input management function
    • Multi-lead ECG waveforms display in phase
    • Large volume of tabular and graphic trends
    • information storage and easy to recall
    • Capture dynamic waveforms
    • Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator
    • UP to 2 hours working capacity of built-in
    • rechargeable battery
    • Unique accessory management cabinet
    • Networking capacity
    • Option: IBP, ETCO2 and 2-IBP
    • Brand Yonker
    • Model YK-8000B
    • Origin China
    ৳ 48,000৳ 55,000

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