• ANBIO Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer – POCT Hormone Analyzer

    Model Number: AF-100
    Detection speed: 240 tests/hour
    Memory capacity: 8000 sets of data
    Viewing screen: 7’’ color screen
    Printing function: Built-in thermal printer
    Volume: 256*220*130mm
    Manufacture: China
    Brand Origin: Netherland

    Matched with Anbang bioluminescent immunochromatography reagent for immunofluorescence detection of human samples.

    ৳ 65,000৳ 120,000
  • ANYLAB F1 POCT Hormone Analyzer

    ANY LAB-F1 is a POCT (Point Of Care Test) system that is based on immunofluorescence and test diagnostic items with the Samples – Serum, Plasma, Whole Blood or Urine like a large centralized system, so it can obtain results easily and quickly (3~15 The addition of ANY LAB F1 includes the merits of the POCT system, which has been used to measure the quality of the immunofluorescence, which is 10~100 times more than the colorimetry method, so it can achieve quantitative results with a higher degree of accuracy, making the test more useful.

    – Easy to carry (small size) and operate, minimal testing time, along with the merits of a large centralized system
    – High accuracy and economical price


      – Dimensions: 305mm x 260mm x 115mm
      – Weight: 2.2Kg
      – Power supply : 220V, 5A
      – Working temperature: 15-35c
      – Working huminity: Max 70%

    • Products Of Origin: Korea
    • Warranty : 03 (three) Years
    ৳ 150,000৳ 200,000

    ANYLAB F1 POCT Hormone Analyzer

    ৳ 150,000৳ 200,000
  • APOTI™ Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer – POCT Analyzer

    • TRF (Time-Resolved Fluorescence) with the use of Europium ions
    • Triple mode: Quick test, Standard Test and Batch Test, to optimize the laboratory routine, according to individual needs.
    • Versatility: availability of various parameters, in addition to COVID applications, in the field of endocrinology, cardiology, inflammation, and nephrology.
    • Test Time 3 – 10 minutes
    • Accurate Results & Low-cost test price
    • Advanced Technology, Smart Looking
    • Brand APOTI
    • Origin USA
    • Warranty 05 Years
    ৳ 55,000
  • Bioeasy Fluorescence Immunoassy Analyzer

    BIOEASY Fluorescence Immunoassy Analyzer

    • More accurate
    • More sensitive
    • More flexible
    • Brand BIOEASY
    • Origin USA
    • Warranty 02YRS
    ৳ 180,000৳ 220,000
  • CP 1600 POCT / Hormone Analyzer – Celltus

    • Methodology: Immunofluorescence
    • Result : Quantitative
    • Sample Type : WB, Plasma, Serum, Urine
    • Storage Capacity : 10000 data
    • Language : English/Chinese/Spanish/Portuguese
    • Test Speed : 240 tests/hour
    • Power Supply : 100-240 V-50 Hz/60 Hz, 60 VA
    • Working Environment Temperature : 10-35⁰C Relative humidity <70% , Air Pressure 70.0~106.0 kpa
    • Dimension : 261 mm X 241 mm X 115 mm (D x W x H)
    • Weight : 2.0 kg
    • Test Items: HbA1c, T3, T4, TSH, IgE, FT3, FT4, CRP, Troponin I, Vitamin D, LH, FSH, HBsAg, PRL, HCG+β, Testosterone, Progesterone, D-Dimer, Ferritin, NT-proBNP, CK-MB, H-FABP, PCT, SAA, CysC, NGAL, tPSA, AMH, Anti-HCV, Anti-TP, Anti-HIV, FOB, CEA, IL-6, AFP, HCV.
    ৳ 55,000৳ 65,000
  • Fine Care POCT Analyzer

    To accomplish the numerous requirements of the clients, we are engaged in providing a high-quality range of Finecare FIA Meter.

    · Fine Care system is based on Fluorescence Immuno Assay.

    · Fine Care has wide menu for Critical care, Cardiac, Diabetes, Renal injury , Fertility , Infection , Coagulation, Hormones , Tumor Markers etc.

    · It is easy to perform test on Fine Care.

    · Same simple procedure for all the parameters.

    · Normal standard test and Quick test facility available for all parameters.

    · LCD touch screen, inbuilt printer and LIS connectivity available.

    · Calibration and Test result memory for better management.

    Test time : 3 – 15 mins

    ৳ 150,000৳ 180,000

    Fine Care POCT Analyzer

    ৳ 150,000৳ 180,000
  • Getein 1160 POCT Hormone Analyzer

    • 4 incubation channels+1 emergency test channel
    • Multiple test items can be tested at the same time
    • 32℃ steady test environment
    • More accurate test results
    • Patented transferring pipette, realizing accurate sampling
    • Improved precision, stability, and sensitivity
    • Android system, touchscreen
    • SD card calibration, touch for recognition
    ৳ 65,000৳ 80,000

    Getein 1160 POCT Hormone Analyzer

    ৳ 65,000৳ 80,000
  • Getein NT- proBNP POCT Test Device

    • Rapid results: Results are available within 15 minutes, making the test ideal for use in emergency situations and for monitoring patients on a regular basis.
    • Easy to use: The test is simple to perform and can be used in a variety of settings.
    • Accurate and reliable: The test has been shown to be accurate and reliable in clinical studies.
    • Affordable: The test is relatively affordable, making it accessible to a wide range of patients.
    ৳ 14,300৳ 15,500

    Getein NT- proBNP POCT Test Device

    ৳ 14,300৳ 15,500
  • Hipro Palm Reader Immunoassay POCT Analyzer

    Hipro Palm Reader Immunoassay Analyzers
    Brand: Hipro
    Model: Palm Reader
    Origin: Netherland 
    Methodology: Immunofluorescence chromatography
    method; Colloidal gold method.


    Classification: Physiological Functions of Diagnosis and Monitoring Equipment
    Type: Immunofluorescence Analyzer
    Certification: CE, ISO13485
    ৳ 16,000৳ 36,000
  • i-Chroma II Immunoassay Reader


    Brand BODITECH
    Weight 1.3 kg
    Origin Korea
    Data output 7” touch color LCD
    Warranty 2 Yrs
    Communication ports USB 4 ports, LAN port, USB OTG port
     temperature 15 ~ 35 °C
    Data output LCD and built-in printer
    Test result storage Patient test results (1,000) / System check results (500)
    Save of ID chip 500 ID chips (Max. 5 LOTs per each item)
    ৳ 220,000৳ 250,000

    i-Chroma II Immunoassay Reader

    ৳ 220,000৳ 250,000
  • Lamuno Plus Fluorescence Immunoassay POCT Analyzer

    • High Accuracy
    • Real-time Testing
    • Simple Operation
    • Wide Application
    • Comprehensive testing items
    • Instant result
    • Brand AE Health
    • Lamuno Plus
    • Warranty 01 years
    ৳ 65,000৳ 120,000
  • Lamuno RX 3000 POCT Hormone Analyzer – AeHealth

    Brand AeHealth
    Model Lamuno RX 3000
    Data Storage 8000 tests result
    Origin UK
    Data Output Onboard screen/Printer/PC/LIS
    Rated Power 36W
    Displayer 7 inch high resolution touch screen
    QC Code Reading RFID

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