• ARETI AE-8-S Portable Oxygen Concentrator with CE Approved

    • PSA Technology
    • Large LCD display of the total working hours and the present working time
    • Timing Function for working hour’s control (10 MIN-5 HOURS)
    • Resettable Circuit Breaker and Flame Breaker
    • Five-stage filters (HEPA filter and bacteria filter) keep away from most impurity, bacteria, and PM2.5
    • Intelligent self-diagnosis system: Malfunction information display on LCD
    • Intelligent Cooling Control System ensures 8000 hours continuously working at stable and high purity of 93% in real-time
    • Super mute oil-free compressor ensures 30% longer life span
    • Long service life, suitable for 24 hours operation with non-stop
    • Ultra-quiet, low dB(A),  ≤36d B(A)
    • Brand Areti
    • Model AE-8-S
    • Origin China
    ৳ 85,500৳ 95,000
  • Areti Oxygen Concentrator AE-5


    Areti Oxygen Concentrator Ae-5

    • PSA Technology
    • The large LCD display of total working hours and current working hours
    • Control time function (10 MIN-5 HOURS)
    • Resettable Circuit Breaker
    • Five-stage filters (HEPA filter and bacteria filter) keep away most of the impurities, bacteria and PM2.5 • Intelligent self-diagnosis system: LCD display of malfunction information
    • Intelligent Cooling Control Sys.
    • Brand Aerti
    • Model AE-5
    ৳ 50,500৳ 60,000

    Areti Oxygen Concentrator AE-5

    ৳ 50,500৳ 60,000
  • DEDAKJ DDT-2A Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Home Oxygen

    • Concentrations up to 90%
    • the flow can be adjusted from 2L to 9L
    • Mute design more comfortable, noise less than 45 db
    • Small volume, convenient to carry.Especially for home care, traveling, car, etc
    • Bacteria filter oxygen safer
    • Timing function
    • Product Size:13.39*7.09*12.21 inches
    • Weight: 14.33 lb
    ৳ 50,000৳ 65,000
  • DEDAKJ DE-1S Portable Oxygen Concentrator With – 6 L/Min


    ● Oxygen flow is adjustable 1 – 6L / min
    ● Negative ion function: 6 million / cc
    ● Timing function: up to 180 minutes
    ● Oxygen concentration can reach 30 – 90 percent
    ● Double protection for your safety with sleep function and automatic power-off protection
    ● Remote infrared remote control function for easier use
    ● Support double oxygen absorption function, two people can use at the same time, do not affect each other
    ● Touch the button screen function, the operation is more convenient
    ● Oxygen accumulation time function
    ● Oxygen concentration real-time monitoring function
    ● Can meet 3000 hours of continuous supply
    ● Remote control battery: 2 x AAA(not include)

    Brand DEDAKJ
    Model DE-1S
    Origin China
    WARRANTY: 1-year service warranty

    ৳ 35,000৳ 55,000
  • Eazywell SZ-5BW Portable Medical Oxygen Concentrator 5L

    • French imported molecule sieve, long life, and more efficiency.
    • Adopts American PSA technology, use Physical method to separate pure oxygen from the air.
    • Brand-new design, Small size and nice-looking
    • Compact structure design, lightweight, easy to move
    • Advanced oil-free compressor, save 30% power energy
    • Big LCD Screen easy to operate
    • Displaying the oxygen concentration in real-time.
    • Optional nebulizer and oxygen purity alarm function
    • Power off alarm, abnormal voltage alarm
    • Certification ISO, FDA & CE
    • Brand EAZYWELL
    • Origin China
    • Warranty 01 Years
    ৳ 42,000৳ 55,000
  • Home Use Oxygen Concentrator 1-7L with Nebulizer


    Delivery 93% ±3% Medical Grade Oxygen purity levels;
    1-7 grade flow setting;
    Nebulization Available
    Available comes with nebulizer function, Easy to operate LCD display;
    With a water cup, make the air moist,
    With timing function,
    Quiet, sound level ≤50DB



    • Brand: TAISHUAI
    • Model: 14977063731
    • Weight: 8.00kg
    • Dimensions: 37.00cm x 26.00cm x 39.00cm
    ৳ 34,000৳ 42,000
  • iBreeze+ Portable Mini Auto CPAP Machine

    • Brand Resvent
    • Model iBreeze+ Portable
    • Warranty 2 years
    • Auto & CPAP modes
    • 4G internal modem for remote monitoring
    • SmartSleep app for tracking detailed sleep results
    • Touch screen display
    • Auto start / Auto Stop triggered by patient breathing
    • IPR pressure relief to make it easier to exhale
    • Auto ramp feature
    • Bonus Hard Case for traveling
    • Humidifier with ‘water level detection’ technology and Heated Tube (Home use only)
    • FAA Approved
    ৳ 74,500৳ 90,000
  • Olive OLV-10 Medical Oxygen Concentrator – 10L


    • Big LCD Display
    • Voice Function
    • 24/7 Use
    • France imported CECA molecular sieve
    • High oxygen purity 90% ± 3%
    • CE, FDA Certify
    • 1-year warranty
    ৳ 95,000৳ 105,000
  • Owgels Medical Oxygen Concentrator 10L

    1.German technology
    2.Own patent
    3.French molecular sieve
    4.Oxygen concentration 93%±3%
    5.The two functions of oxygen generation and atomization. Oxygen concentration can be used For 2 people at the same time
    6.Application range: 0-5000 m altitude 7.5L and 10L can be switched freely

    Technology German process air compressor, French molecular sieve, Dual filter system, Frosted plastic shell, Silent pulley, LCD, High-quality motor, Anti-aging test.

    Quality High quality, Pass SGSCertification. 5 years lifetime

    Brand OWGELS
    Model OZ-10-02
    Brand of Origin Germany
    Manufacturing China 
    ৳ 110,000৳ 125,000

    Owgels Medical Oxygen Concentrator 10L

    ৳ 110,000৳ 125,000
  • Owgels Oxygen Concentrator OZ-5-01 TW0 – 5 litre

    • 5 LPM oxygen concentrator, with nebulizer function.
    • It has a nebulizer function.
    • Provides a high concentration of oxygen.
    • User-friendly design with an easy-to-understand control panel.
    • Easy access to the humidifier bottle.
    • This oxygen concentrator does not generate much noise when working.
    • The filters are located outside the housing which facilitates maintenance.
    • Wheels and handles make it easy to move.
    • Ideal to use while you sleep. 




    ৳ 55,000৳ 58,000
  • Owgels Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer OZ-01HO0

    Product details of Transportable Oxygen Concentrator
    (with a NEBULIZER Function)

    • Owgels Oxygen concentrAtor is the most effective therapy
    • Design for medical and in-house use
    • Oxygen purity of 93% of -3% of LPM meaning Liter per minute
    • Multiple uses function
    • Low and easy maintenance
    • The built-in double fan ensures that the compressor is cooled for providing life and reduce the cost associated with product downtime

    Brand Owgels
    Model OZ-01HO0
    Brand of Origin Germany
    Manufacturing Country China
    Warranty Type Local Supplier
    Warranty Period 01 Year (Service Warranty)

    ৳ 40,000৳ 45,000
  • OXYTOGO Portable Oxygen Bar

    Product Type: OXYTOGO Portable Oxygen Bar
    Brand OXYTOGO
    Model  NA
    Origin Miami, USA
    Warranty NA
    Weight 08 Liter


    OXYTOGO is 95% pure oxygen without any additives and aromas in an 8l can. The can is small (more or less the size of 0.5l bottle with water), incredibly light. Very simple and convenient service. It is an ideal solution for stress or fatigue, because it allows you to regenerate quickly. Oxygen in a can love thousands of users around the world – love you too.

    ৳ 1,100৳ 1,500

    OXYTOGO Portable Oxygen Bar

    ৳ 1,100৳ 1,500

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