• Handheld Portable UV-C Disinfection Sanitizer Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer Wand


    – Utilizes 3 pieces UVC and UVA dual-band
    – The UVC light has a 265nm wavelength while the UVA has a 395nm to 405nm wavelength
    – Features an LED timer display
    – Rechargeable sterilizer is easy to take with you anywhere
    – Comes with a USB charging cable
    – Easily fits in your purse or pocket
    – Very safe for kids with its child-safety feature

    • Turn on/off. The display should show 000 status.
    • Press the key once to enter the 60s disinfection countdown and enter the 000 states after disinfection.
    • Press the key twice to enter the 180s disinfection countdown and enter the 000 states after disinfection.
    • The shutdown is recommended when not in use to avoid power consumption.
    ৳ 900৳ 1,200
  • UV-C Multifunction Portable Sterilizer Ultraviolet Disinfection Sanitizer

    – the UV Sanitizing Wand uses powerful Ultraviolet-C light to significantly reduce microscopic germs, mold, and other health hazards.
    – Cordless, portable design – Requires (4) AA batteries (Not Included)
    – Reduces your and your loved one’s chances of getting sick
    – No chemicals, irritants, or fumes
    – Save cleaning wipes and disinfecting chemicals.
    – Destroys odor-causing bacteria in pet and nursery areas
    – Perfect for countertops, computer keyboards, cell phones, pillows, crib, and mattress covers
    – Surfaces in the baby’s room and more
    – Ideal for the toothbrush, baby bottle nipples, pacifiers, cutting board, toys, baby and adult clothing, shoes, makeup sets, wardrobe, etc.
    – Requires (4) AA batteries (Not Included)

    ৳ 1,200৳ 1,600
  • UV-C Ultraviolet Multifunctional Disinfection Box Sterilizar – K1

    • Utilizing ultraviolet light to effectively kill or inactivate 99.9% of bacteria and virus.
    • Two buttons for easy operation, power supplied by USB charging cable.
    • Aromatherapy function: you can put the essential oil into the aromatherapy entrance, then press the aromatherapy switch to start.
    • Suitable for mobile phones (screen is less than 6.5inch), mouth masks, for iPod, MP4, Bluetooth earphones, baby toys, toothbrushes, etc..
    • Double UV lamp, strong disinfection.
    • DC5V/1A is provided to the device, which can be a power bank, USB plug, laptop, etc.
    • Our UV Smartphone sanitizer will protect you and your family from invisible, harmful organisms.
    • Presented in a stylish box, it’s an ideal gift for germaphobes and a must-have gadget for anyone who cares about hygiene.
    ৳ 1,550৳ 1,800
  • UVC LED V40 UV Ultraviolet Sterilizer USB Charge Germicidal UV

    • 30 second quick completion of disinfection, sterilization rate is up to 99.9%
    • Original imported LED Lamp Beads and Intelligent¬†Chip
    • Physical sterilization, no Mercy and Ozone, safe and environmental
    • Portable, fashionable and artistic, Long 18 day battery life!
    • Intelligent child lock design
    • The digital display shows sterilization time
    ৳ 1,050৳ 1,500

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