• 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound System Mindray DC-60

    Type:  Doppler Ultrasound Equipment
    Brand Name: Mindray
    Model Number: DC-60
    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Touch screen: 10.4 inch mulit-touch LCD touch screen
    Management System: Unique Patient Information Management System
    Hard disk: 160G intrgrated hard disk
    Hard drive:  320 GB hard drive
    WIFI: Built-in WIFI
    Language:  English,Chinese,German,Spanish,French
    Monitor: 17 inch LCD
    USB ports: 5 USB 3.0 ports
    ৳ 1,600,000৳ 1,700,000
  • 4D Ultrasound System Mindray DC-40 Color Doppler

    DC-40 with Full HD delivers a range of tools that maximize diagnostic accuracy with convenience. Covering General Imaging, OB/GYN and Cardiology, DC-40 with Full HD provides you with a complete solution for mainstream clinical applications, with simplified workflow for efficiency.

    ৳ 1,450,000৳ 1,600,000

    • Rotatable LED(0~30°) tailer to different viewing angles
    • Ultra-compact & Ultra-light
    • Easy to carry
    • Keyboard: For easy and quick access
    • Advanced technologies:
    • i-Image (Intelligent image optimization)
    • THI (Tissue Harmonic Image)
    • SRA (Speckle Reduction Algorithm)
    • Compound imaging
    • Full digital beam-former
    • Trapezoid
    • Automatic PW trace
    • Chroma
    • Full-screen display mode
    • AIO (Automatic image optimization)



    ৳ 210,000৳ 230,000


    ৳ 210,000৳ 230,000
  • Chison ECO-3 Expert Portable Color Ultrasound

    CHISON ECO 3 EXPERT- Black & White with Doppler, Stunningly Good.

    This beautifully designed Chison ECO-3 EXPERT is an ultra compact ultrasound machine that offers excellent PW resolution. Delivers both qualitative and quantitative results! Easy to carry, this excellent ultrasound is for all kinds of examinations.

    • Advanced Technology: i-Image, THI, SRA, Compound Imaging, AIO
    • Full Digital Beam-Former
    • Automatic PW trace
    • Excellent PW resolution
    • Automatic PW trace measurement
    • Chroma
    • Full Screen Display Mode
    • Applications – Abdomen, OB/GYN, Vascular, Small parts( breast, testes, thyroid), Musculo-Skeletal Conventional & Superficial, Pediatric, Basic Cardiac
    • Imaging technologies – i-Image, SRA, Compound imaging, THI

    Some features of ECO-3 Expert are listed below.
    Brand    : Chison
    Model    : ECO 3 Expert
    Origin    : China

    ৳ 280,000৳ 350,000
  • Chison ECO1 Portable Ultrasound

    Chison ECO 1 is the newest model from Chison. At an affordable low price. Provides high frequency probe and good image quality makes Chison ECO-1 portable ultrasound very reliable. Excellent choice for a diagnostic tool.

    Some features of ECO-1 are listed below.
    Brand    : Chison
    Model    : ECO 1
    Origin    : China

    ৳ 170,000৳ 210,000

    Chison ECO1 Portable Ultrasound

    ৳ 170,000৳ 210,000
  • Chison Qbit 3 Color Doppler Digital Ultrasound Machine

    Chison Qbit 3 A Slim Console Color Doppler System, Offers Ideal Patient Care With Its Easy Mobility, Smart Features, Significant Performance And Streamlined Workflow, To Strengthen The Clinical Confidence And Speed The Diagnostic Decision.

    QBit 3 Slim.Smart.Significant.Streamlined

    • 15 Inch Led Monitor -90Deg-90 Deg Rotatable 0 Deg- 90 Deg Foldable
    • Replaceable Probe Holder
    • Cable Management
    • Facing Front Printer Socker
    • Rotatable Keyboard: -45Deg-45Deg
    • Two Probe Connectors
    ৳ 750,000৳ 800,000
  • CTS-4000 Digital 4D Color Ultrasound Machine

    Model :CTS 4000

    Origin : China

    Manufacturer : Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co.Ltd.(SIUI)

    Description :

    • 15-inch high resolution medical LCD color monitor.
    • Speckle reduction technology.
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging.
    • Excellent 4D effect with simple and quick operation(Option).
    • Pulsed wave Doppler.
    • Elastography (Option).
    • With Multi Frequency Convex Probe. Color Laser Printer & UPS1200VA.
    ৳ 750,000৳ 850,000
  • Mindray DC-30 Ultrasound System 4D Color Doppler

    Mindray Color Ultrasound Machine
    Brand Name: Mindray
    Model Number: DC-30
    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Imaging modes: B/M/Color/Color M/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging
    Display:  15” LED monitor
    Display mode: 2D/4D
    Hard Disk: 1TB Hard Disk & iStation Patient Information Management
    iZoom: With; Full-Screen View
    Connector: DVD-RW and USB Ports and Standard Three Transducer Connectors
    Shared Service: Gynecology, Abdomen, Urology, Small Parts, Cardiology and etc
    Package Include with Convex Transducer

    ৳ 550,000৳ 600,000
  • Mindray DP 30 Portable Ultrasound Machine

    · 12.1 inch high definition LED with full screen design
    · 30 degree tilting angle adjustable monitor
    · 2 universal transducer connectors
    · User friendly control panel with backlit
    · Light and compact design for extreme portability
    ৳ 250,000৳ 350,000
  • MINDRAY DP-20 Ultrasound Machine

    12.1-inch LED Monitor
    Two Transducer connectors
    THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
    Imaging Modes: B/2B/4B/M/B+M
    4GB SSD standard storage space & iStation™
    Patient Information Management
    8-segment TGC
    iClear™ (Speckle Suppression Imaging)
    Measurement & calculation software packages
    01 Year Warranty
    ৳ 180,000৳ 220,000

    MINDRAY DP-20 Ultrasound Machine

    ৳ 180,000৳ 220,000
  • Mindray Ultrasound Transducer 75L35P

    Mindray Transducer Features

    • Linear probe
    • Pediatrics, Musculoskeletal, Vascular and Veterinary applications
    • 3 – 10 MHz frequency range
    • Best Use for DC30, DC40, DC50 Z5
    • Origin: China
    ৳ 170,000৳ 180,000

    Mindray Ultrasound Transducer 75L35P

    ৳ 170,000৳ 180,000
  • Portable Ultrasound Device Mindray DP 15 Power

    Brand Name: Mindray
    Model Number: DP15
    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    8-TGC: assuring accurate Image control
    THI: Tissue Harmonic Imaging
    Display: 12.1 inch LED monitor
    internal storage: 320 G hard disk
    Certificate: CE ISO
    Display mode: B/M

    ৳ 220,000৳ 250,000

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