• ARETI AE-8-S Portable Oxygen Concentrator with CE Approved

    • PSA Technology
    • Large LCD display of the total working hours and the present working time
    • Timing Function for working hour’s control (10 MIN-5 HOURS)
    • Resettable Circuit Breaker and Flame Breaker
    • Five-stage filters (HEPA filter and bacteria filter) keep away from most impurity, bacteria, and PM2.5
    • Intelligent self-diagnosis system: Malfunction information display on LCD
    • Intelligent Cooling Control System ensures 8000 hours continuously working at stable and high purity of 93% in real-time
    • Super mute oil-free compressor ensures 30% longer life span
    • Long service life, suitable for 24 hours operation with non-stop
    • Ultra-quiet, low dB(A),  ≤36d B(A)
    • Brand Areti
    • Model AE-8-S
    • Origin China
    ৳ 85,500৳ 95,000
  • Areti Oxygen Concentrator AE-5


    Areti Oxygen Concentrator Ae-5

    • PSA Technology
    • The large LCD display of total working hours and current working hours
    • Control time function (10 MIN-5 HOURS)
    • Resettable Circuit Breaker
    • Five-stage filters (HEPA filter and bacteria filter) keep away most of the impurities, bacteria and PM2.5 • Intelligent self-diagnosis system: LCD display of malfunction information
    • Intelligent Cooling Control Sys.
    • Brand Aerti
    • Model AE-5
    ৳ 50,500৳ 60,000

    Areti Oxygen Concentrator AE-5

    ৳ 50,500৳ 60,000
  • DEDAKJ DDT-2A Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Home Oxygen

    • Concentrations up to 90%
    • the flow can be adjusted from 2L to 9L
    • Mute design more comfortable, noise less than 45 db
    • Small volume, convenient to carry.Especially for home care, traveling, car, etc
    • Bacteria filter oxygen safer
    • Timing function
    • Product Size:13.39*7.09*12.21 inches
    • Weight: 14.33 lb
    ৳ 50,000৳ 65,000
  • DEDAKJ DE-1S Portable Oxygen Concentrator With – 6 L/Min


    ● Oxygen flow is adjustable 1 – 6L / min
    ● Negative ion function: 6 million / cc
    ● Timing function: up to 180 minutes
    ● Oxygen concentration can reach 30 – 90 percent
    ● Double protection for your safety with sleep function and automatic power-off protection
    ● Remote infrared remote control function for easier use
    ● Support double oxygen absorption function, two people can use at the same time, do not affect each other
    ● Touch the button screen function, the operation is more convenient
    ● Oxygen accumulation time function
    ● Oxygen concentration real-time monitoring function
    ● Can meet 3000 hours of continuous supply
    ● Remote control battery: 2 x AAA(not include)

    Brand DEDAKJ
    Model DE-1S
    Origin China
    WARRANTY: 1-year service warranty

    ৳ 35,000৳ 55,000
  • Home Use Oxygen Concentrator 1-7L with Nebulizer


    Delivery 93% ±3% Medical Grade Oxygen purity levels;
    1-7 grade flow setting;
    Nebulization Available
    Available comes with nebulizer function, Easy to operate LCD display;
    With a water cup, make the air moist,
    With timing function,
    Quiet, sound level ≤50DB



    • Brand: TAISHUAI
    • Model: 14977063731
    • Weight: 8.00kg
    • Dimensions: 37.00cm x 26.00cm x 39.00cm
    ৳ 34,000৳ 42,000
  • Olive OLV-10 Medical Oxygen Concentrator – 10L


    • Big LCD Display
    • Voice Function
    • 24/7 Use
    • France imported CECA molecular sieve
    • High oxygen purity 90% ± 3%
    • CE, FDA Certify
    • 1-year warranty
    ৳ 95,000৳ 105,000
  • Owgels Medical Oxygen Concentrator 10L

    1.German technology
    2.Own patent
    3.French molecular sieve
    4.Oxygen concentration 93%±3%
    5.The two functions of oxygen generation and atomization. Oxygen concentration can be used For 2 people at the same time
    6.Application range: 0-5000 m altitude 7.5L and 10L can be switched freely

    Technology German process air compressor, French molecular sieve, Dual filter system, Frosted plastic shell, Silent pulley, LCD, High-quality motor, Anti-aging test.

    Quality High quality, Pass SGSCertification. 5 years lifetime

    Brand OWGELS
    Model OZ-10-02
    Brand of Origin Germany
    Manufacturing China 
    ৳ 110,000৳ 125,000

    Owgels Medical Oxygen Concentrator 10L

    ৳ 110,000৳ 125,000
  • Owgels Oxygen Concentrator OZ-5-01 TW0 – 5 litre

    • 5 LPM oxygen concentrator, with nebulizer function.
    • It has a nebulizer function.
    • Provides a high concentration of oxygen.
    • User-friendly design with an easy-to-understand control panel.
    • Easy access to the humidifier bottle.
    • This oxygen concentrator does not generate much noise when working.
    • The filters are located outside the housing which facilitates maintenance.
    • Wheels and handles make it easy to move.
    • Ideal to use while you sleep. 




    ৳ 55,000৳ 58,000
  • Owgels Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer OZ-01HO0

    Product details of Transportable Oxygen Concentrator
    (with a NEBULIZER Function)

    • Owgels Oxygen concentrAtor is the most effective therapy
    • Design for medical and in-house use
    • Oxygen purity of 93% of -3% of LPM meaning Liter per minute
    • Multiple uses function
    • Low and easy maintenance
    • The built-in double fan ensures that the compressor is cooled for providing life and reduce the cost associated with product downtime

    Brand Owgels
    Model OZ-01HO0
    Brand of Origin Germany
    Manufacturing Country China
    Warranty Type Local Supplier
    Warranty Period 01 Year (Service Warranty)

    ৳ 40,000৳ 45,000
  • Portable Medical Home Use Oxygen Concentrator Jay-10 10L

    • Nebulizer
    • Low purity alarm: when oxygen purity is above 82%, it will give green light; when the purity is blow 82%( 82% not included), it will give red light
    • Maintenance alarm: alarm for maintenance after 3000 hours operation
    • Alarm for high temperature inside systems above 50°C
    • Pulse oximeter: fingertip pulse oximeter is available for monitoring patient oxygen saturation on site.
    • Small LCD display: accumulating time; present working time presetting time.
    • Double flow.
    • Optional: Nebulizer, Pulse oximeter
    ৳ 105,000৳ 115,000
  • Portable Medical Oxygen Concentrator Xy-3c 7L for Home Use

    • Flow range: 1-7L
    • 93% ± 3% concentration at 1L oxygen flow
    • Noise of the whole machine: < 60dB (a)
    • Net weight: About 16lb
    • Boundary dimension: 382 X 230 X 410 (mm)
    • Minimum working time: no less than 30 minutes;
    • Electrical classification: equipment of “type”
    • Working system: continuous operation;
    • Oxygen outlet temperature: 46℃;
    • Suggestion: the length of oxygen absorption pipe shall not exceed 15.2m, and shall not be folded;
    • Waterproof grade: IPX0
    Model NO. XY-3C
    Type Portable Home Use Oxygen Concentrator
    Certification CE, FDA
    Display Type LCD Display
    Group Covid Patient, Pregnant Women, Aged, Children
    Origin Shenzhen, China
    HS Code 8543709990
    ৳ 30,000৳ 35,000
  • Yuwell 7F-10W 10L Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Home Use

      • Time work cumulatively
      • Bypass the safety valve of the press for safety assurance.
      • Install the warning feature power cut.
      • Troubling feature for high pressure and low pressure
      • (7F-5 Double Flux) shunt design, oxygen is supplied simultaneously to two users.
      • The method of atomization (7F-5W with the application of a nebulizer) provides a maximum nebulization rate of 0,2mL / min
      • The oxygen concentrator and oxygen intake system can be split to operate (7F-5 with cord controller)
      • Remote control and process
      • Continuous functioning
    ৳ 110,000৳ 125,000

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