Beurer IH-50 Portable Mesh Nebulizer

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  • For the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract
  • Vibrating membrane nebulization, for a fast and effective inhalation
  • For use in colds, asthma, respiratory diseases
  • High proportion of respirable particles
  • High nebulization capacity (>0.25 ml/min) – short inhalation time
  • State of the art medical technology: nebulization through high-frequent vibrating micro-porous double-membrane
  • Very quiet, fast and effective nebulization – ideal for children
  • Small and compact: ideal for travel
  • Accessories:
    Adult mask, Children’s mask, Mouthpiece, Storage box, Mains part
  • Can be disinfected
  • 4 x 1.5V alkaline batteries AA included
  • Medical product
  • Replacement accessories (item no. 603.05):
    Mouthpiece, adult mask, children’s mask, adapter and mesh atomizer
  • Brand   Beurer
  • Model   IH-50
  • Made in  Germany

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Product Description

Beurer IH-50 Portable Mesh Nebulizer

Ideal when traveling! The nebulizer can be operated with batteries or with the main part; it can therefore be used flexibly. Operation is very simple and the device is quiet.

The small and compact Beurer IH50 uses vibrating membrane technology for the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract conditions. This modern and portable Nebuliser utilizes state-of-the-art medical technology with nebulization via a high-frequency, vibrating micro-porous double-membrane. The versatile design enables you to use the IH50 in the comfort of your home or during traveling. Perfect for adults and children with a low level of noise generated, makes the IH50 pleasant and discreet to use. The IH50 nebulizer can be tilted during use to a maximum of 45 degrees without any impairment to the functionality. Should the medicine not be in contact with the mesh the nebulizer stops automatically. A high proportion of respirable particles combined with high nebulization capacity (>0.25ml/min) make the IH50 perfect for the treatment of respiratory tract conditions. Powered directly from the supplied mains power supply or 4 x AA batteries. Included within the pack is the nebulizing unit with mesh nebulizer, adult mask, child mask, mouthpiece, connecting piece, power pack with fitted 3 pin UK plug, 4 x 1.5v AA batteries, travel storage box, instruction manual with the unit covered by a 3-year guarantee.

Beurer IH-50 Portable Mesh Nebulizer

A human being inhales and exhales approx. 10.000 liters of air over one day. In this enormous air mass, there could be infectious agents, toxicants, and allergenic or carcinogenic substances. These substances affect the mucous membranes which encase the respiratory system inside. Respiratory diseases are one of the most common diseases. It goes from the common cold to chronic diseases of the respiratory system. Different inhalation therapies help to relieve airway problems – and they may even become vital in some cases. Approx. 5 % of adults and up to 10 % of children suffer from a contraction of the airways, the so-called bronchial asthma. Inhalation has the advantage of bringing the active ingredient directly to the therapeutic target site.

Inhalation therapy is suitable for respiratory tract diseases in general, inflammation of the upper airway, and asthma. Bronchial muscle spasms can also be relieved by inhalation of certain medicines, both in the long term and for acute episodes. In addition, the use of inhalation can prove beneficial in infections of the upper airway, pulmonary inflammation, etc. You should ALWAYS discuss inhalation therapy as well as the delivery and dose of medicine with your doctor.

So how does inhalation therapy work? The effect of inhalation therapy depends on the active ingredient used, the nebulization rate, and the particle size. The nebulization rate is measured in ml/min and refers to the volume per unit of time discharged by the nebulizer. The higher the nebulization rate the shorter the required inhalation time because active substances are discharged at a higher volume. An inhalation that is as short and effective as possible is particularly important for children or people with chronic conditions.

Beurer IH-50 Portable Mesh Nebulizer

  • To be used in conjunction with the Blue Badge permits, the wallets are supplied with a free plastic timer clock that can be dialed without removal
  • The parking timer clock is designed to display the time of parking arrival and complies with Department of Transport guidelines
  • The timer disc and dial are made from extremely hard-wearing plastic to prevent wear and tear and increase longevity
  • With dimensions 114mm H x 151mm W, you can simply display the clock without having to remove it from the Blue Badge Wallet


* Easy to handle
* Ideal for children and suitable for traveling
* Nebulisation with diaphragm technology
* With self-cleaning function
* Very quiet, fast, and effective nebulization
* For the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract
* High proportion of respirable particles
* For use in colds, asthma, respiratory diseases, etc. – for fast and effective inhalation
* High nebulization capacity (>0.25 ml/min)
* Short inhalation time
* Automatic switch off
* LED indicators for displaying the operating status
* Can be disinfected
* Batteries (4 x AA) an


Beurer IH-50 Portable Mesh Nebulizer



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    by ahmedrafi883

    It is a very useful item has a perfect size to carry it in the bag . recomended.

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Beurer IH-50 Portable Mesh Nebulizer

Beurer IH-50 Portable Mesh Nebulizer

৳ 10,200৳ 10,800 (-6%)

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