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About Medistore:

Medistore is the name of an authentic company which is the no.1 online medical product seller company of Bangladesh. We start our journey with very small capital in November 2016 and now have stepped in as one of the most prosperous & profitable companies in the current market place. Our company is the perfect example of a successful venture in Bangladesh. The way Medistore is currently establishing people’s employment and delivering there services to the doorstep of everyone is contributing to the country’s economy.

We have three main sectors, Health Care, Medical Care & Beauty Care. We provide standard, trustworthy & dependable products to the customer with all kinds of service facilities. You will have various types of necessary commodities like health-related products, first aid products, laboratory products, surgical products, hospital products, beauty products, body care products and so on. Hence, all your needs will be accomplished by Medistore, The Aladdin’s Lamp of your everyday life.


Company Culture:

Our chief culture is to make prosperity through hard work. Medistore team members work together by collaborating with each other for giving promising output to the customers. Each of the team members works together for reaching the goal of the company. Our core values are- integrity, cooperation, passion, innovation & pursuit of excellence and these have benefited us for achieving the top position in Bangladesh.


Mission & Vision:

Our mission is to modernize our country by providing all kinds of technology-based & original products to each corner of Bangladesh. We want to create an environment where suppliers and customers develop a strong relationship with mutual trust & customers will not afraid of buying products online. Medistore and its team members do the right thing that is needed for giving the best customer service as we have high levels of technical expertise to deliver integrated solutions of work.

Our vision is to convey the best customer service with excellent quality & updated products. Our company complies with four principles, Quality Products, Customer’s Satisfaction, Ensuring Customer Service and Trust & Values. We want to build full transparency at the time of buying products from Medistore. Furthermore, we want to be the first choice of customers at the point of buying products online. We will provide the best customer service that they won’t have from others as we are the best seller in Bangladesh.


Team Medistore:

We have a lot of active, energetic, enthusiastic & passionate team members who are always ready to give all types of customer services at your door. They work collectively with vigorous efforts for providing the best service. In total, we have 2 Business Devloper, 1 Product Manager, 5 Web Devloper, 2 Creative Designer, 1 Content writer, 2 Customer Support Manager, 5 Delivery Support Stuff & 10 Bachelor’s degree employees who are giving there utmost diligence for making Medistore the number one online company in Bangladesh.


Our Platform:

In our everyday life, we may need different products for taking care of ourselves. Sometimes these kinds of products are not available to the market place and may they are not reliable too much for buying, at that point, Medistore will help you with our extensive collections of products. Mainly, we have three platforms, they are- Health Care, Medical Care, Beauty Care.

 Health Care: We know health is wealth. And for this reason, we have a huge variety of products in the health care sector that will meet all of your needs in one second. We have- Air Mattress, Blood Pressure Monitor, Diabetic Care Products, Nebulizer Machine, Weight Scale, Digital Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, Hearing Aid, Pain Rehabilitation, Baby Care, and so on. All the products you will get in great quality in the shortest possible time.

Beauty Care: We have organized our beauty care sector with all kinds of enriched products that you will need in your daily life. We have beauty products on- Facial Care, Body Care, Skin Care, Nail Care, Sliming & weight loss, Body Shaper & massager, etc.

Medical Care: We have decorated the medical sector with some essential products that are needed in the hospital, diagnostic center and laboratory, they are- Sterile Surgical Gloves, Surgical Instruments, Surgical Accessories, Biochemistry Analyzer, Hormone Analyzer, Protein Analyzer, Digital ECG Machine, X-Ray Machine, Laboratory Accessories & Reagents, and so more product are available in Madistore.



Our chief target is to achieve the biggest online market place in all sectors of Bangladesh. We want to be the most trustworthy product supplier company within the shortest possible time. We want to build our reputation on reliability with proper business ethics for obtaining the highest quality in meeting the needs of customers. We are loyal, dependable and responsible for our work that we know we can provide the best service to the customers and can retain our supremacy in Bangladesh Online Market Place. There is no scope to doubt the quality of Medistore because caring for your health & beauty Medistore is always ready for you.


News Report:

As being the best online product seller, we have gained our reputation in every sector of Bangladesh. Several news reports have published on our company, some of them are mentioning here-

1) Massranga TV
2) Talk Story
3) e-Commerce Barta
4) Bangla Kagoj
5) Techzone
2) Talk Story


Our Customers:

Day by day Medistore is expanding its business not only in Bangladeshi market place but also in other countries of the world. We have delivered our products to some renowned and famous companies in the world and able to earn a good reputation for them. And it is one of the big achievements of Medistore.


Our Corporate Clients:

Day by day Medistore is expanding its business not only in Bangladeshi market place but also in other countries of the world. We have delivered our products to some renowned and famous companies in the world and able to earn a good reputation for them. And it is one of the big achievements


 Why Medistore:

Why you will choose Medistore it’s a general question that may be revolving in your mind. You will choose Medistore because we will give assurance that we will provide you the best products with high quality within the shortest possible time. We import immensely selected products from the most reputed companies in the world and we also provide after-sales service confirmation. That’s why Medistore should be your first choice for buying products online.


Welcome ODM:

We want to spread our service everywhere in our country as soon as possible. We also want to expand our business in remote areas and for this reason, we have formally contracted with many companies for extending the service of Medistore throughout the country. We desire to widen our service by making it available to all kinds of people in Bangladesh.

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