• ANYLAB F1 POCT Hormone Analyzer

    ANY LAB-F1 is a POCT (Point Of Care Test) system that is based on immunofluorescence and test diagnostic items with the Samples – Serum, Plasma, Whole Blood or Urine like a large centralized system, so it can obtain results easily and quickly (3~15 The addition of ANY LAB F1 includes the merits of the POCT system, which has been used to measure the quality of the immunofluorescence, which is 10~100 times more than the colorimetry method, so it can achieve quantitative results with a higher degree of accuracy, making the test more useful.

    – Easy to carry (small size) and operate, minimal testing time, along with the merits of a large centralized system
    – High accuracy and economical price


      – Dimensions: 305mm x 260mm x 115mm
      – Weight: 2.2Kg
      – Power supply : 220V, 5A
      – Working temperature: 15-35c
      – Working huminity: Max 70%

    • Products Of Origin: Korea
    • Warranty : 03 (three) Years
    ৳ 150,000৳ 200,000

    ANYLAB F1 POCT Hormone Analyzer

    ৳ 150,000৳ 200,000
  • Bioeasy Fluorescence Immunoassy Analyzer

    BIOEASY Fluorescence Immunoassy Analyzer

    • More accurate
    • More sensitive
    • More flexible
    • Brand BIOEASY
    • Origin USA
    • Warranty 02YRS
    ৳ 180,000৳ 220,000
  • Fine Care Analyzer

    To accomplish the numerous requirements of the clients, we are engaged in providing a high-quality range of Finecare FIA Meter.

    · Fine Care system is based on Fluorescence Immuno Assay.

    · Fine Care has wide menu for Critical care, Cardiac, Diabetes, Renal injury , Fertility , Infection , Coagulation, Hormones , Tumor Markers etc.

    · It is easy to perform test on Fine Care.

    · Same simple procedure for all the parameters.

    · Normal standard test and Quick test facility available for all parameters.

    · LCD touch screen, inbuilt printer and LIS connectivity available.

    · Calibration and Test result memory for better management.

    Test time : 3 – 15 mins

    ৳ 150,000৳ 180,000

    Fine Care Analyzer

    ৳ 150,000৳ 180,000
  • Full Auto Immunoassy Neo-1200


    Small size, easy to carry

    LIS connection available

    Fast heating, high stability

    Little water consumption, fully automatic cleaning

    Automatic uploading data, data permanent saving

    Monochromatic light and cold light source detection, long life use,stable results

    Reagent tray can be taken out, convenient and quick.

            Intelligent,precise,accurate, efficient

    ৳ 2,200,000৳ 2,400,000

    Full Auto Immunoassy Neo-1200

    ৳ 2,200,000৳ 2,400,000
  • Fully CIA1200 Full-Auto Chemiluminescence Analyzer

    CIA1200 full-automatic chemiluminescence analyzer, a at all times-operated immunoassay instrument, can court exploit taking into consideration put in reagents to form chemiluminescence immunoassay system. This system, applying the analysis principle that combines chemiluminescence and immunoassay technology, can carry out qualitative or quantitative detections of union analytes in human blood serum, plasma or add-on body fluids.

    Brand ZECEN
    Model CIA1200
    Origin CHINA

    ৳ 2,400,000৳ 2,800,000
  • i-Chroma II Immunoassay Reader


    Brand BODITECH
    Weight 1.3 kg
    Origin Korea
    Data output 7” touch color LCD
    Warranty 2 Yrs
    Communication ports USB 4 ports, LAN port, USB OTG port
     temperature 15 ~ 35 °C
    Data output LCD and built-in printer
    Test result storage Patient test results (1,000) / System check results (500)
    Save of ID chip 500 ID chips (Max. 5 LOTs per each item)
    ৳ 220,000৳ 250,000

    i-Chroma II Immunoassay Reader

    ৳ 220,000৳ 250,000
  • MR-96 Microplate Reader


    • Brand: CLINDIAG

    • Model: MR-96

    • Origin: Belgium
    • Warrenty: 2Yrs
    • Operation: semi-automatic

    • Configuration: bench-top

    ৳ 180,000৳ 250,000

    MR-96 Microplate Reader

    ৳ 180,000৳ 250,000
  • MW-96 Microplate Washer


    • Brand: CLINDIAG

    • Model: MW-96

    • Origin: Belgium
    • Warrenty: 2Yrs
    • Operation: semi-automatic

    • Configuration: bench-top

    ৳ 280,000৳ 300,000

    MW-96 Microplate Washer

    ৳ 280,000৳ 300,000
  • MyLab MR-66 Hormone Analyzer / Elisa Plate Reader


    High accuracy optical measuring system
    Touch screen, Large LCD display,
    Multiple plate formats capability
    Extensive on-board data analysis
    8 channels, reading whole plate in 5 seconds
    Microplate shaking function, convenient for intermixing
    PC software optional, Easy to operate

    • Brand: MY LAB

    • Model: MR-66

    • Origin: ITALY
    • Warranty: 3 Yrs
    ৳ 220,000৳ 300,000
  • Semi-auto Hormone Analyzer EMR-500

    Call us for order by Phone: +880 1988 121212

    Product Type: Semi-auto Hormone  Analyzer
    Brand LABOMED
    Model EMR-500
    Country of Origin USA
    Warranty 01 Year
    Weight NA


    ৳ 260,000৳ 300,000

    Semi-auto Hormone Analyzer EMR-500

    ৳ 260,000৳ 300,000

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