• BIYOVENT Intensive Care Type Mechanical Ventilator

    Biyovent, which was developed with the aim of offering products with a high technological threshold value, fully meets the needs with its new-generation technology. It offers high quality in terms of both technology and health. With every detail designated from design to hardware, from software to technology, and developed with a holistic approach, Biyovent adds value to health with its modern and ergonomic design, user-friendly interface, traditional and innovative operating modes, and adaptable structure to different patient groups.


    >Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilation
    >Integrated Nebulizer
    >High Flow Oxygen Therapy and N-CPAP (nasal C-PAP)
    >Suitable for Neonatal (Optional)
    >Pediatric and Adult Patients
    >Smart Ventilation Modes

  • CARDIOMAX 8 Semi-automatic External Defibrillator


    • Strong, comfortable strap.
    • Ready to use in less than 6 seconds.
    • Designed without sharp edges, ideal for emergency transport.
    • Biphase power delivery of up to 360 Joules.


      • Real-Time Check Technology (RTC)**
      • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Accessory(CPR Maestro)**
      • Automated External Defibrillator Model (AED)
      • Sudden Death Prevention Mode (SDP)
      • Electrocardiogram (ECG) up to 12 derivations
      • Oximetry (SpO2)
      • Non-invasive pacemaker
      • Non-invasive pressure (NIBP)
      • Capnography (EtCO2)
      • Printer
      • Removable rechargeable battery
      ৳ 480,000৳ 550,000
    • MK-P02 Medical Emergency Trolley – Medik

      Material: ABS
      Wheel Type: Swivel Casters
      Type: Hospital Crash Cart
      Layer: 5 or 6 Layers
      Feature: Easy Cleaning, Corrosion Resistance
      Color: Blue

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